~ /etc/fstab ~

/etc/fstab is one of the files that is read during boot up process in Linux. Mount points of linux system is written on this file. There are 6 fields on this file. Lets see them on the following example:
/dev/hda4 /mnt/hdd msdos defaults 1 1
each field has a different meaning.
  • The first field contains the device name.
  • Second field is the mount point in Linux file structure
  • Third determines the mount type of partition
  • Forth is the mount option it can be:
    - defaults (anything is ok, quota, suid, read, write)
    - noquota (it is obvious liberalism)
    - nosuid (sometimes security is the most important thing, keep suid away from system)
    - quota (quotas should be applied)
    - ro (read only)
    - rw (read write)
    - suid (suid access only)
  • File system dump parameters
  • The priority of fsck, which partition should be checked first?