Software Engineering

I have installed, apache, tomcat, soap, mysql, php, java xml pack and connection packages on the inet server. Ip number of the server is, you can get your user names and passwords by email or seeing me.
Usage of technologies are explained below:
User accounts:
by telnet:just type "telnet" and enter by your user name and password
by ssh:su to your user name and type "ssh" accept the key and type your password
by ftp:type "ftp" and enter your user name and password

after login by telnet or ssh type "mysql" in console
to connect your local database type "connect USERNAME" (write your username in USERNAME)
now you can use any sql command over your database, your database has the same name with your user name

you have a directory called "ics344" in your home directory
you can put any html, php, perl or jsp file to this directory to publis on net
to test your publish, just try the "" (your username in USERNAME) on any browser

you can compile and execute your java files by using the content of /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.0 directory
each of you has a directory called java_xml_summer_pack-02 in your home directories
there are 4 technologies as we have covered on the laboratory, if you want to use any of them, just add its jar files to your CLASSPATH variable by using:
"export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/home/USERNAME/java_xml_summer_pack-02/jaxm/activation.jar..." for example

to connect a MySQL database and execute your sql strings try to do the following:
you have a sample code using this connection in your home directory(it is named as dd.java)
you can use /usr/java/j2sdk/1.4.0/bin/javac to compile it
but before executing it, you should add the /home/USERNAME/mysql_java_connection/mysql_java_connection.jar to your CLASSPATH

each of you have a soap sample on your home directories, you can execute them just after adding the soap .jar files to your CLASSPATH
(which is again installed your home directory), our tomcat server listens from port 8080 and there is a rpcroute waiting for you
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