PPL Java Basics Homework

  • Write a simple application which prints out your name
  • Write a simple applet which displays your name
  • compile them by javac and try .class outputs (write a html file for applet and for aplication you will simply use java)
  • create documentations for both applet and application by using javadoc
  • create a simple archive file for all of your files called yourstudentid.jar by using jar
    usage of javac:
    javac file.java (remember you should save your class in a file named same with class)

    usage of java:
    java file (file is the class compiled by javac,you should see file.class in current directory)

    usage of appletviewer:
    appletviewer file.html (this html document should contain applet tag with code parameter to your applet.class)

    usage of javadoc:
    javadoc filename (just remember /** style comments)

    usage of jar (create):
    jar -cvf studentid.jar * (this creates a jar file called studentid.jar which contains all files in current directory)

    usage of jar (extract):
    jar -xvf studentid.jar (this extracts all files inside jar to current directory)

    usage of luck:
    you dont need it just do above :)
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