PPL Object Oriented Basics Homework

  • Observe and find out 15 objects from any environemnt (which can be related)
  • Find out their properties
  • List their methods with the arguments and return types
  • Draw their relations (use all the three relation type covered in lab)
  • Code the objects with properties and methods, also create the relations between objects.
  • Create a master class with a main method and try to create living objects
  • compile and run your code (be sure that your main class reaches all the objects in your design)
  • Make a jar file which contains all java and class files (Please note that, you do not need to do javadoc, but if you try to document your project, you can understand javadoc better)
  • Send your homework by obeying the homework policies

    Project Deadline:26/Feb/2004 until midnight

    updated 20/02/2004 - 17:32 by Sadi Evren SEKER