PPL Object Oriented Homework

  • Code a 2D shape interface
  • Design a 3D environment
  • Code a 3D point class
  • Code a 3D line class
  • Code a 3D rectangle class
  • Code a 3D rectangular prism which holds volume and area functions
  • Use your interface for the necessary classes.
  • Use a relation between all the classes
  • Check that your prism can be created in every cases (think about its rotation)
  • give some dummy numbers to your prism (set its width, height and depth by the way you have designed it)
  • Print out the volume and area of the prism by using your functions.
  • Please note that, this assignment does not require any input from user and only output is the volume and area of the prism.
    updated 02/03/2004 - 23:15 by Sadi Evren SEKER