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Life of Post Phd.


They are paid for the projects they are working on. Getting paid increases the motivation and also creates a competitive atmosphere. They have to work hard and have to be creative in order to be able to continue. They can not work as a post doctorate forever their aim is to achieve tenure. It is very discouraging not to be able to get your tenure after one or two postdocs. Some researchers even choose other disciplines after many years of studying (for example law schools for genetic engineers)
Any researcher should be mobile to see other researching environments. In USA they do not accept anybody to the same university for any two stages. They do not accept wives and husbands to the same university. These rules forces researchers to be more mobile.
They should publish papers to referee periodicals. They gain points by the prestige of periodical. They are forced to collect a certain amount of points to upgrade next level. (e.g. assistant prof to associate prof)
But this is not enough to motivate researchers as competition system does in USA.