Summary of Three Faces of Tehcnological Determinism

original by Bruce BIMBER

summary by Sadi Evren SEKER

Technological Determinism: Does technology determines the social changes?

There are three different approaches for technological determinism:



Unintended Consequences

Autonomous approach.

Influence on history where societies attach cultural and political meaning to it.

Naturalist approach.

Given the past and the laws of nature, there is only onve possible future.

Fuzzy approach

Uncontrollability and uncertainty yields the changes

Technological Society

Steam-mill is follows the hand-mill not by chance but because it is the next stage in a technical conquest of nature

Automobile is cleaner than horse, but environmental disadventages of automobiles are unknown while it is first invented.

Applying model on Karl Marx as an Example:

Marx can not be technological determinist because of the “forces of production”.

How Marx defines the forces of production? He identifies three factors in the labor process:

Necssary Factors in Marx's Theory of History

Conditions that facilitate productive development in history

I think Marx can be both technological and economic determinist but not one of them alone.