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Course Outline


1          Introduction, Abstract Data Types and Data Structures

2          Object Oriented Programming Concepts

3          Ordered Lists, Arrays, Structures and Pointers

4-5       Linked Lists, Dynamic Allocation

6          Recursion, Recursive Algorithms

7          Stacks, Evaluation of Expressions, RPN

8          Midterm Exam (04.12.01)

9          Queues, Circular Queues           

10-11   Tree Structures, Graphs, Traversal Algorithms, Binary Search Trees

12        Sorting

13        Searching


Text Books

Y. Langsam et al, Data Structures Using C and C++,Secon Edition, Prentice Hall, 1990

M.A Weiss, Algorithms, Data Structures and Problem Solving with C++, Addison Wesley,1996

Deitel&Deitel, C++ How to Program, Second Edition, Prentice Hall,  1998



Lab               %10

Midterm          %30

Final             %40

Assignments          %20  (8 Assignments; min. 6 required to take the Final Exam).