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3D of environment


For the purpose of comparison we can use 3d
Finley has Emperico-indcutive he first did the bridge than proved it is a better design, and all intellectual society accepted. He has used Models and experimental apparatus. Analaysed only a small amount of parameters to achieve a quick solution.
Navier has Theoretico-deductive, he first proved it has a better way to build a bridge and than had a chance to build it. He has used calculus and Mathematical methods. Tried to understand a large scale of parameters to get a more comprehensive more scientific solution.
PROIRITY QUEUE. By the economical view Finley was an enterpreneur who has to sell lots of bridges. So he has minimized the cost.
But Navier was a salaried employee and he has no market fear. His project was a symbol for france and it was far enough to be an economic target.
In organizational view Finley should use patent system to collect royalties. This permits anyone to implement his design as long as they paid royalties. Makes it slowly involving and needed technical control. He also needed to increase the reputation to his design to make more profit. He should make the design as simple as possible to make it easy to apply any environment and organization.
But Navier worked within the administrtive structures. He should compell his superiors. When the project is approved there is always a technical control over the project. Navier could not exert significant finnacial control over the project.