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Pont Des Invalides


He never wanted to patent a design but he has close feelings to Finley about sense of majesty . So a major public work, such as a bridge in the nation’s capital is a key to achieve such a majesty. Difference between two idea is, one seek out economical design while other seek out majesty.
Many engineers seek out economical designs rather than majestic ones. Advantage of Navier’s philosophy made an advantage for such a work as pont des invalides.
Navier was designed and proportioned each element such as cables, hangers, columns, floor beams, etc.. on the basis of theoretical analysis.
By the view of such work he learned lots of thing for bridge construction, like friction between cables and towers, minimum dimensions that would ensure stability of the columns and internal network of iron reinforcing bars…
Finley get the possible load to bridge constant (14 kilograms per square milimeter) but Navier had calculated that wight woyld be greater if the bridge were entirely covered with most heavily loaded wagons)
By the light of this calculations he found a cross-sectional area of iron needed to resist this tension.