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Theorizing the Suspension Bridge


Navier’s model portrayed the suspension bridge as a perfectly flexible, inextensible, massless cable, supported at both ends and loaded univormly along the horizontal so as to form a parabola.
Strength point of navier’s model was the analysis of vibrations dut to impact loadng.
This problem is simply translated to the vibrating string problem which was already investigated by most of the mathematician.
Mathematical tools does not effect the social shaping but most of the time social shaping over mathematical tools effects the people using this tools.
Navier’s mathematical analysis were very different from the British researchers. We can observe such differences in the Navier’s studies. He has ignored the cable design but he has attacked to the cable slippage problem such as friction elasticity and temperature variations.
Navier has a great study on vibrations of traffic on a suspension bridge but he has only a brief study for the vibrations by wind effect. This is related to the observary information received ffrom the environment.